tiistai 1. joulukuuta 2009

SMEA goes Second Life

Nordplus SMEA-project / Somedi 2.0 - Social Media for Senior Citizens

SMEA group (Social Media Education for Adults) had a project meeting in Helsinki between 29th of Nov to 1st of Dec. Participants were practically introduced as Second Life users by morning training in Helsinki Adult Education Centre (AEC) on Monday the 30th. Mr. Juhana Mykrä had an honor as a travel guide in the virtual adventure in the physical class room, Helsinki AEC's Open Learning Centre Aino.

After couple of hours training participants got the basic skills on how to move avatar, how to fly, how to get friends, how to communicate, how to change environmental settings, how to create landmarks for teleporting, how to teleport from place to place, how to use in-world search to find places, events, users etc.

Previous SMEA Meeting was in Tallinn (read more about that meeting)

> Second Life Quickstart Quide (PDF-file 2013 kt)
> SMEA project site under Lemon Project

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